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My name is Alex, I’m remote software developer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

I started to work as Ruby developer in 2011 and learned a lot of different technologies since that. You can review my more detailed portfolio here. You can take a brief look at key endpoints of my career below.

When What
2011 Opened my first ruby book
2012 Worked on a lot of small ruby projects at oDesk (now its name is Upwork)
2013 I swallowed tons of experience on the rush in the different-sized projects at Russian start-up QD Business Incubator
2013 Worked on Live Office - one of the biggest online stationary stores in Russia.
2014-2015 Worked on a lot of different projects at Upwork.
2016 I worked on a digital marketing consultancy.
2016 I learned an elixir programming language. It gave me a lot of knowledge about CS itself. I implemented MyReelty project on elixir.
2016 I worked on Greek Capital Management global website update. I used ruby & react.js as my technologies there.

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