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Book Review - “Metaprogramming Elixir”

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I haven’t read technical books for a while. Indeed, it was a little exciting to open a programming book after a long list of historical and political ones.

But I did it!

I picked a book related to the Metaprogramming in Elixir because I’m facing problems with grasping Elixir metaprogramming too often. I’m the author of 2 Elixir libraries which intensively use metaprogramming [1], [2] plus one of my projects has Elixir API inside so I’m sure need to know how to metaprogram in Elixir.

C. McCord’s gave me a lot of context on internal Elixir mechanisms so it’s definitely worth to read. I wouldn’t recite all its details to you but it gave me a lot of answers on my how? questions.

My VERDICT: if you want to bring your Elixir to the next level READ THIS BOOK