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How to migrate from Coffeescript + JSX => ES6 + JSX

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I maintained an SPA with relatively old frontend. The main trouble was coffeescript - a lot of new things built by ES6 standard and tying process can be a nightmare. The simplest thing in this case - to move to ES6. Not a big deal, things like decaffeinate can help you!

I got a big problem. Decaffeinate can’t work with JSX, but actually coffeescript & JSX are mixed together inside one file. I’ll describe how to migrate below.

Preinstall dependencies

npm install -g babel-plugin-transform-react-createelement-to-jsx coffee-react lebab babel-cli

Okay, we have a set of .coffee files (maybe .cjsx, that’s up to you). cd to root directory of these files and:

find . -name \*.coffee -print | xargs cjsx -bc

Now we have plain old ES5 with ugly React.createElement inside. Let’s deal with both drawbacks

Lebab is awesome 5to6 tool. Let’s convert old style to new.

find . -name \*.js -print | xargs -iFile lebab File -o File

It’s time for JSX. Daniel gave me a hint how to do it:

find . -name \*.js -print | xargs -iFile babel --plugins transform-react-createelement-to-jsx File -o File

Another small thing. Coffee-script package adds a comment to the top of each file it converts. Remove these comments:

find . -name \*.js -print | xargs -iFile sed -i '1d' File

Last. You are using build tool, aren’t you? So ok, let’s replace .coffee dependencies by .js

find . -name \*.js -print | xargs sed -i 's/.coffee/.js/g'

Volia! Happy ES6!